England, 5th November 1605. Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. This swashbuckling adventure is inspired by true events in the 17th Century.
Kenelm Digby is horrified as he witnesses his father, Sir Everard Digby’s brutal execution of being hung in front of the baying crowd outside St. Paul's Cathedral for being a Gunpowder Plotter.
Kenelm vows to avenge his father's death by killing the Attorney General Sir Edward Coke and
Lord Buckingham for they brooked no mercy with his father. However Kenelm’s beloved Venetia Stanley forces him to choose between marrying her and restoring his family’s honour or choosing the path of revenge.
Kenelm sets about restoring his family’s reputation and proves useful to his king - Charles I.
Commissioned as an Admiral on a privateering expedition to attack and acquire enemy ships on the high seas to amass glory, prestige and wealth for England.     
As the Battle of Scanderoon commences, will Kenelm prove victorious and regain redemption for his family?

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Digby: The Gunpowder Plotter's Legacy. (Working Title). A Feature Film in Development. © Dianne Thomas and White Lyon Films Ltd 2012.
Traitors' Gate. White Tower. Tower of London.
Westminster Hall.
St. Paul's Cathedral.